Paula's Garden Year 3

I went to visit my friend Paula yesterday again for grilled hamburgers and a garden walk. :)  Oh how I enjoy a walk through someone's garden. 

You can see my first visit to her garden here, and year two here.

A friend of hers gave her this bench because the seat was broken.  (She was actually going to throw it out, whew, good save, huh?!)
Paula's husband wasn't getting it fit with a new seat so she put this plank across and asked him to just saw off the ends for her.  Well, he was trying to skirt that little task and jokingly said, "why, just put a bucket on each end.
Life is Art, wouldn't you say?  This piece is perfect all because of making do and joking around.  

Galvanized pails...perfect pots.

This part of her garden was actually in shade until the pine wilt took all four of the trees here. :(

A bread box turned planter.

Boots and chairs, always at home in the garden.

A "flower" welded by her husband.  Fun.

More fun.

My little one enjoyed looking for the fish in her pond, but they were hiding out of the sun.  It was actually cool yesterday morning in the shade so that's why the jacket.  Such a nice day!

It's so nice to have gardening friends to share plants, seeds, and ideas with.
Thanks again Paula!!


  1. I love Paula's garden! Esp the boot planter!

  2. What a beautiful garden! Love the unique garden elements.
    ~ Julie

  3. Would love to have you link your garden post at my garden party i host on Thursday's sometime! so lovely! xoox

  4. That is allllll gorgeous!!! The bench is so fun because it has a story to tell!!!

    Cool? Sweater? I need to move to where you are...


  5. Oh absolutely lovely and charming in every way!

    I bet Paula really enjoys having someone appreciative like you visiting her garden ... you both have THE best taste in garden decorating!

    Life IS Art indeed!

    thank you for sharing Jill

    Happy August weekend to you and yours!

  6. Gorgeous garden. Love the bench with the buckets on both ends.

  7. How nice to have a welder handy :)

    Fun fun garden and garden art. I just love making do .... The best things come of it :)

  8. Love Paula's garden! And your daughter is adorable! And...the need for a sweater - ahhhhh.... I yearn for that!

  9. I love what was done with the bench! A brilliant idea to turn something less than beautiful to someone into an original item!

  10. Love the bench. Her garden is wonderful, and your photographs are magazine worthy. Great chair with the boots!! thanks for linking up, Jill, xo Debra


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