Paula's Garden

My friend Paula loves junk as much as I do and loves flowers as much as I do.  She, however accomplishes much more than I do!  So, I thought I'd share a couple of pictures that I took of her yard and garden last year for inspiration for this spring. Remember, you can click on pictures for a closer look.

She does a great job of incorporating her junk finds into her yard.

I use a stool like this in my storage room to access the top shelves.  My Grandma had one and they make me nostalgic. (I guess all old stuff does!)  

 I thought this shade garden was cozy under the big trees.

An out house never looked so good!  The other side is even better with a huge black eyed susan vine on it but I didn't get a picture of it.

I have the doors...just got to get it done!

Very neat.

Even better.

Can you tell why Paula inspires me?!

I sold a Victorian looking mailbox at a garage sale and another woman in town snatched it up and it sits outside her home in her garden here in town.  This rough mailbox is more my style....I wonder if Paula would miss it?!

The best part is this garden sheds that sits in the back of her yard.  All decked out.   Her husband wanted to haul it out of there!

The real amazing part is that they have only lived here I think two years now.  She did everything in a short amount of time.  That woman is focused!

And, last but not least...the pond with my little girls on the bridge.  Oh, how they wanted to play in that water and throw rocks...nuh huh...not here!  
I am looking forward to seeing it this year as she adds to it and it matures.  

Around here, we are getting some work done in our yard and garden for graduation.  Went looking for flowers yesterday and came home with 4 trees instead.  Yeah, you might say I lack focus.

Thanks Paula for letting me share your garden!


  1. If it wasn't raining right now, I'd go out to my yard and get my junk out! The boots are just too cute! Your friend inspires you and now you have inspired me!

  2. I've wanted to do the old workboot thing for a long time. I love her garden shed!

  3. I love that garden shed!!!! My mom is thinking about having my husband move a building (again) to the lot beside her house and doing the same thing!

  4. Can Paula come over to my house to play?

  5. Wow! I don't know what amazes me more-her junk collection and creativity or the fact that she can actually grow stuff. I.kill.everything.

  6. If I tried this it would just look like a pile of junk I forgot to put away. She's amazing!

  7. Well... I'm thinking:

    grab the mailbox and take it home, then when she's side-tracked with the mystery of the missing mailbox - grab the garden shed, the outhouse and the shoes and the bike. Move it all in to your backyard... then just assume your "completely innocent" face.

    I'll cover for you. AND! How do you think Paula feels about decorating fields and single-wides 'cause I'd like her to come play too... I'll even let her drive the tractor!

    ;-) robelyn

  8. ummm yes she would miss that mailbox. Trees, areal loss of focus... but great structure for your garden.Love the new banner. Now one of those planted in the garden would be great!!


  9. Love your "perky" banner! And this is my kind of garden. I'm sure as it matures it will just be better and better! I have all the stuff to do this, too, thanks for the garden tour!

  10. OK, I'm crazy for the old door! It's all just wonderful and the path and all the amazing "junk" elements look perfect together and your new header is great. Love the old coffee pots

  11. Lol! I find the pictures funny! It tickles my bones to see those boots mixed in with the flowers. It's amazing how Paula blends in the junk and the flowers. And the garden shed, I think Paula needs a new garden storage shed.

  12. Oh boy
    wonderful magic garden
    and the out house really puts a smile on my face!


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