"Junk"le Bells in April

So, it's spring and we all are planting and wishing for warm nice days.....but, I'm still running to my sewing room preparing for next Christmas!

This month I'm making ornaments out of book pages, vintage buttons, and vintage crepe paper.  I went off to make a wreath out of book pages; have you seen those on the web?    But, then thought I would like them better altered a bit, miniaturized, and on my tree.

I used an old hymnal.  Plain text would be fine, but I thought the music would add a nice touch for Christmas.

I used a small dowel rod to help me roll the pages a bit tight.  Secured the end with a glue stick and slid it off the dowel.  Then I  cut my little roll into three pieces (at an angle) for the petals for my ornaments.  

I glued each piece to a piece of paperboard (cut up cereal box), then added a string to hang it, and another piece of old book page to cover it all up.  I may change how I add the string.  This placement of the string makes the ornament want to tip a bit forward.  I used my sewing machine to baste along a strip of crepe paper so it was easy to gather it up to make the little rosette.

For this one, I made my little paper rolls into the shape of a tree.  I used a needle and thread to string them together and hold them tight while I added a little glue between each one. A button and vintage glitter finished it off.  

I'd love to have you join me with your Christmas "Junk"le Bells project in April by linking up with Mr. Linky below.  Again, I'll leave it open for the week to give you some time.

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  1. Very cute... hope when school is out that I can squeeze in some Holiday projects! Right now I'm barely keeping up with Spring! Keep inspiring us with your Holiday ideas though!

  2. These are very cute Jill, also love the photo at the top of the page with the coffee pots, wonder where those are? You are so creative.

  3. Hey, I love your ornaments and they will fit right in with our reception theme for this year! Thanks for hosting! Lezlee

  4. I have seen those paper wreaths, and yours is really beautiful, one of the best I've seen.
    Great job!


  5. Super cute!!! that is weird. I was just researching the paper wreaths online! I have tons of sheet music and old books. Need to get to work, I guess!!!

  6. I picked up some old music during our Feb junking trip. You give me inspiration! I'm a little slow on the Junk-le Bells this month but you made create!! Thanks!!

  7. So cute love using old paper!! Sorry I missed this in April, Iv'e been busy, I actually have a project ready just need to take photos, It is similar to yours, I'll get it in for May!

  8. Really enjoyed this post! You give such good directions so that anyone could run off and duplicate your cleverness.


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