Prior Lives Party

Lezlee is having a blog party where she features something that she has updated/upcycled/repurposed that used to have a "prior" life.  She's asked others to join in, so here is my project.

My "new" necklace used to be a watch in it's prior life!  I saw on Etsy where someone was selling gutted vintage women's watches for supplies so I bought a couple from her.   Of course since then I've bought quite a few to empty out myself. 

I made a teeny tiny collage inside of the watch case with a tiny piece of a worn leather book cover, fiber snippet, one rhinestone, and a number from a hymn book page.
"Why number 46?" you might ask.  Yeah, well, I'm 46.  It's shaping up to be a great year and I can't fight age so am embracing it!

I used a little distressing ink to add even a little more age to the tiny pieces.  Each jump ring and the bead at the bottom came from different old jewelry pieces. So, it's a complete hodgepodge of pieces and I like that look.  Nothing really matches, but it does.

The chain is new though because I didn't have anything else that worked.  I've worn my new necklace quite a few times already and I just love it.  I have more to make, so "watch" for them in my Etsy shop!  After graduation.

You can see what other items have had "prior" lives over here at Lezlee's blog!


  1. That is so totally cool. very unique! and what a great birthday present for someone too!

  2. This is adorable! Such a great idea... great design!
    Hope your day is perfect~

  3. Last week we visited Laurie @ The Junk Asylum and she had on something like this with her initial---I fell in love with her necklace and yours has so much more- it is wonderful!! I actually am waiting on some watch parts to arrive! WOW!!!

  4. I am so enthralled with this! It is as good as a big diamond to me! Thank you for posting and spreading the word about my Prior Lives Party! Lezlee

  5. what a great 'time' piece. I captures the moment,huh?

    I love it.
    If I had one...I'd want a number in mine too...but which one? Numbers are so significant to the moments in our lives. We associate so much in what we live, to numbers...

    love the jewelry, it definitely makes you think.

  6. between you and rachel, i am just darn speechless! your talents, even amongst the graduation craziness, is wonderful and makes me want to get to more creating along with my vintage sellin.

  7. Hi Jill, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment or two! You're right we have a lot of the same taste... this necklace is wonderful! I've been sitting here going through your older posts, am now a follower and can't wait to see more. Theresa

  8. Oh Jill, I was recently given a gutted watch in a swap & I will be 50 in December. Mind if I "borrow" your idea? I promise I won't copy exactly...I'll add my own adornments & background. I just want to use the number & the gutted watch collage idea.

  9. JILL!!!!

    I'll trade you a purse for a necklace!!! Girl... I LOVE LOVE LOVE that! That would be so cool as a graduation gift too!!!

    ;-) Robelyn


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