...Been Dusting...

I'm still trying to get ready for graduation here--so why am I blogging?!  Yeah, I know....  ANYHooo......this is a shot of part of the display area in our kitchen.  We have a vaulted ceiling with shelf space above all of the cupboards and the pantry.  This is the part with some more of my old suitcases as mentioned here.  There is also a couple of old speakers that Jim had refinished, a radio, a crock, round cheese boxes, and an old window that came from a church that I picked up on the Junk Jaunt last year.  My brother added outlets for us so we could light it up at Christmas time, but now I've added a banker's lamp for anytime.

My banner photo also came from the area in our kitchen above the cupboards.  It's a tricky place to get a photo--requires chairs on counters, straddling counters, and I should have used a tripod, but sheesh...don't have time..(getting ready for graduation you know!)


  1. I love it and the coffee pots on your banner are FABULOUS! Judi

  2. I'll help you dust if you'll help ME dust!!! And when you come - will you bring all of the cool cases? AND the coffee pots? LOLOL

    Get off the blog young lady!!! Oh no wait, you deserve a break - blog away!!!

    What's that girly girls favorite color - is she frilly or fun or both or more utilitarian? I have a new pattern I'd like to try out on a graduate...

  3. Love that display! Don't worry about dusting. Just threaten anybody who even thinks about writing in the dust with the job. It will keep the smart comments from appearing on the coffee tabele!

  4. Love it, wish I had a great place like that to diplay, and look on the bright side your junk collections have a collection all their own,"dust"

  5. My baby graduates next year, but been helping with a great nephews graduation party... Would love to see your kitchen for real, enjoying the photos, a lot! Lezlee

  6. Thanks for the visit and nice words on my bathroom... Would love to have you at they party, but know how busy you've been, so come if you can, but if not get gussied up for next month! Lezlee


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