Garden Plans

Look what my husband brought me from the farm!! A trailer full of old cattle tanks!
Five of them.  Worn, rusty, dented, and just perfect!

About two months ago, I went to a farm auction, and  I saw an old tank up for sale. The light went on that that could be my solution... this site that I want to develop into a fun, casual garden area.  Problem is it's pure sand.  There used to be trees here, but they were growing in the sand.  See this post. We spent a lot of time bringing in soil for our vegetable garden site, and time and money won't permit that here.

So, I'd been thinking raised beds---talk about time consuming....

So, these tanks are my solution for raised beds.  Think my little gals will be of help?  They sure thought it was neat that this trailer of tanks came home.  It's either going to look great or ....not great...You'll see more photos if it turns out like it is in my mind.  If not, I'll be looking for someone to come haul away some cheap cattle tanks.  I'm not thinking Randy will want to haul them back!

BTW, I didn't see the tank sell at the auction as I had to go and didn't have a way to haul it.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh, Jill!!! I'm seeing the vision of what this could be as well!!!! It has incredible potential. I could even see the eventual addition of adding salvaged brick pavers to the ground creating a little walking path. Your little cherubs are ADORABLE! too sweet...xo Sue

  2. Fabulous idea! Be careful filling those arms ache thinking about it. Speaking of babies...yours are darling!
    Linens Lace and Lattes

  3. I can't wait to see them full of vegetables..any flowers?? These 2 will be quite a beautiful site all dressed up in wedding finery!

  4. Oh, how greaat. My son in law does the raised beds. these are just great! I love them. Your girls are precious... Lezlee

  5. Oh........... I can't WAIT to see!!! Those are so cool!!! You need to turn one of them in to a swimming pool for the girls - just think how much fun they would have! LOLOL

    Seriously - those things rock!!!

    ;-) Have fun!!!

  6. Oh, I think it will most certainly look great! How cool!

  7. Now I'm on a mad hunt for these! My two dogs are eating green tomatoes, herbs even the habaneros!!! This would be perfect! I also want and old wash tub and a bath tub. I put the thumbs up photo on my side bar - have you seen it? come by jennsthreegraces Jennifer


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