Whew, Glad the Next Graduation is Three Years Away.

I want to say that  we've been busy. But,  I don't like that word (busy, that is).  I always say it's a four letter word and we shouldn't use it, so I'll say there have been some pressing priorities.
 We've been mulching and power washing, and repairing, and fixing....

Ok.  I definitely can't say that these paper balls were a priority, but come on....aren't they lovely?!  Hopefully, I'll show you more about them later this week.

The back yard all ready for guests.  And, there were a lot.  You just never know how many to plan for or how much food to make. 

Yeah, cloches!

And, banners....made from wallpaper books I bought when they closed a Menards store.  (if you ever get the chance to buy old wallpaper books cheap...do it!) Another non-priority but really fun to make!

Food!  I thought we had a lot, and we did.  But it was all gone by 5:30.  At the end of the night Bonnie (our graduate) was hungry and her boyfriend took her to Casey's for a piece of pizza!

Our happy graduate!  It was really a great day!

Of course, it wouldn't be complete without a Wordle, right?!  She printed this out, framed it, and placed it in her "shrine".  

It is really good to have events to press you to get things done otherwise...well, let's just say it's a good thing.  We had lots of help from family and friends getting ready and on the day.  My sister came to stay for two days and it was so nice to have her here.    We had a few challenges;  one being our refrigerator died the morning of graduation. The other big one was that our new dishwasher we bought and had installed Wed. before graduation didn't work and the part won't be in until next week.  So, the art of washing dishes by hand was revived.  Builds character I say.  Lots of character.

Now, off to buy tomatoes and peppers and seeds!   The garden has been waiting!


  1. everything looks great! YES, I want to see more of those paper balls AND how you made them...super cute!

  2. Congrats Bonnie. Glad ya'll had a good day!

  3. Oh Jill - EVERYTHING looks SO beautiful!!! As do you and your husband - and ofcourse, the GRADUATE - Bonnie!!! Congratulations to her!!! AND to you - gorgeous - everything!!!

    I'm off to drop a bag in the mail!!!

    :-D robelyn

  4. The house is beautiful and the party looked fun! thanks for sharing. deb

  5. looks beautiful dear one. i can only image the feelings a parent has on a day like this...along with the exhaustion of prepping for day...happy garden thoughts to you!

  6. Why do we always put off the BIG items to finish and do the SMALL things first? Because that is who we are and those little details are SO important! We MUST decorate first! Hope the day was beautiful!

  7. Wow, how festive you made it for Bonnie. I am sure many memories were created that day. Congradulations being the great parents you are!

    Joy.................all ways


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