"Junk"le Bells in May

The fifth edition of "Junk"le Bells!  I should have a tree full by December!  For once, maybe I'll be ahead that time of year.

So, I have a peanut butter jar of old bib overall metal hardware pieces.  Some kind of rusty...so this was my starting point for my May Junkle Bells project.

I've only made 3 so far, but plan to make more.   I think instead of calling them ornaments, I'll call them tree banners.

These overall pieces are perfect for hangers.

These pieces are like frames.  I used rubber stamps for the 'peace'.

Little bits of vintage fabric, buttons, and machine embroidery.

One of them was too white...so a swim in some left over coffee took care of that.

I made wire hangers for the banners that just had the hardware "frame" on them.  Gotta love baling wire.
If you've got a "Junk"le bells project where you've recycled, upcycled, or converted something old to a Christmas decoration, I'd love for you to link up!

"Junkle" Bells All Year Round Participants

1. Riding along with hubby 'Junk" le Bells

2. Junkin Jane

3. Prior

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  1. These are wonderful! You are so creative. I love them! They just have so many elements to them! Lezlee

  2. What a wonderful original idea! I love them and the title of banners is perfect!

  3. OH, all the detail is wonderful!! How fun to use up bits and pieces! I have my Grandma's lace... how fun to use it and pass along instead of it sitting in a box. Another junk le bells inspiration!

  4. Jill - those are GORGEOUS!!! Geesh... I'm going digging for overall things to send to you. LOL

    :-D robelyn

  5. tooooooo cute....I need to get going on Christmas stuff!! I am having a Christmas sale in November AND one of my friends asked me to decorate her house for our town's christmas house walk in early December! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Great idea! I have some of those, now I know what to do with them!! Thanks

  7. very junk-le idea! i had a 2 piece brass set that was my grandmothers. i have a piece of her old crochet on it. my mother told me it was a very very old bell pull. i'd always used it for Christmas by the front door, no servants to call for here ( i AM the servant :D )the overall hardware looks very much like it:D
    i am not keeping up like i should! i would love to be junk-le-ing with ya'll...i'll have to find out what to do, and if i can catch up :D

  8. Chica- I LoVe them!!!! I wish I had more time to participate in this every month... I need to put it on my to do list again... (but it's SOOOOO long!) Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!


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