The "Tank Garden" Continued...

My husband brought me another big truck full of cattle yard scrapings and 3 more tanks!

Look at that big tank atop the dirt....

and now it's down.  It's huge!

Big Husky it's rough with a big hole in the bottom but that's good for drainage.

My son helped my fill all of these with the scrapings and sand yesterday in the afternoon.

Then last night, he, my husband, and I started to put up this awesome old fence...

to go with this sweet old gate I bought at least two years ago.  THEN....Will missed the post with the post driver...  It wasn't pretty.

We were in the ER until 3:00 am.  It took some repairing and he broke the distal phalanx of his thumb into quite a few pieces, but there is enough intact that he should heal just fine.  I don't think the above photo is Will giving me a thumbs up on this project. But, I must say he's in pretty good spirits in spite of it all.
A storm with torrential rains just passed through so I'm pretty sure the seeds I planted yesterday in my new beds were just washed away.

So it goes.

Eventually, it will get done and planted.  I'm just glad it wasn't any worse!


  1. Oh, my, It was a great post right until the end! Sorry, I know it will be fantastic when it is all growing!

  2. Oh Jill, What an exciting start to your beautiful garden! Good thing Will's mom is a PT!!! What a way to start his summer. Swimming can be a challenge! I planted my second round of sunflowers only to watch the thunder storms wash them away... so I am felling your pain. I hope that you will start a garden journal, I love looking back on five years of what worked and what didn't . You know you could always make some of those spoon flowers while your are waiting for the real thing!!! Well wishes to Will for a speedy recovery!

    Joy.............all ways

  3. I was so excited until I saw the bandage. Ouch!! I hope he heals up quickly. Still am lovin' the tank garden!

  4. oh... ouch! Glad all wil be o.k. Can't wait to see pic's of the garden in all it's glory!

  5. Oh my Oh my. Well you all will never forget the beginnings of a beautiful garden..... I can't wait to see it all in bloom. I am sure the colors of his thumb will rival your blossoms. Ice cream he needs ice cream.

  6. Oh,no!! and it was going so well. Hope he heals fast!

  7. A big grin came across my face when the first photo come into view in my google reader. I thought to myself, "now there's a girl who gets things done, FAST!" But then my heart sank when I saw the injury. Sounds like you have a good sport on your hands though...but I'm so sorry. I hope heals up nicely and quickly.

  8. Cannot WAIT to see how this turns out! I have this 'thing' for stock tanks and silos so I'll be waiting with bated breath as you make progress . . . keep posting!

    xo :: lynn

  9. Poor Will! He won't be able to help you anymore... Did you save one tank back to fill with water so you can float on an innertube while sipping adult beverages?

  10. Wow! That's a lot of excitement on so many different levels! Hope your boy is okay!

  11. what a great story this all is. not great about the pain and cast and such, but what a great family story.

  12. Best laid plans always end up with a trip to the ER too. The my old dog Spice either rolls or eats the stuff - or boths...ewww. I do love gardening ...Queen of Poison Ivy Right Now, Jennifer stop by jennsthreegraces I love love love your bins!


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