What To Do, What To Do.....

I have two of these wonderful old adding machines.  Both work I believe with faint ink.  

I bought them with the intention of photographing the numbers and letters on them,

and then harvesting the keys to either use in projects or sell.

I'm having trouble doing this.  If they were in terrible condition, I could.  (I think) But, the machine is just a beautiful piece of vintage goodness.  So industrial.  So a thing of the past. 

(The operator photo is actually from one of my old phones....same problem)

Convince me one way or the other, please.  Because indecision is a decision in itself, you know.  Which means I will have two very heavy door stops around here.


  1. Keep one (for now) and junk the other! And make me something wonderful to buy!

  2. I was gonna say exactly the same, keep one ;-)

  3. I have the same problem with an old typewrite I got for free awhile ago. I brought it home thinking I would take the keys off for projects but I can't bring myself to do that.
    I think I agree with the girls above. Sacrifice one and keep the other.
    Your pictures are awesome.

  4. I like the idea of photographing the keys. Love it! I'm a purist, too. Maybe you could sell one whole, and keep the other whole. Parting out is such sweet sorrow. ~Mindy

  5. Uhmmm.... you are asking the wrong person... 'cause I constantly have that problem. LOLOL

    Jill - your photos AND the machines are AWESOME!!!

    :-D i know - i'm no help...

  6. I don't think I could junk either of them! Great photos!

  7. i have my grandmother's old adding machine-not as retro/cool as this one, but i know what you mean-mine still works so hard to take apart. I have her typewriter too-but no intenion of taking it apart, just a memento/decoration.

  8. I say keep them intact. I like them hung on the wall! It would be kind of neat to have a strip of them from ceiling to floor?????


  9. I couldn't junk them either! They are like works of art!


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