Vintage Black Friday

The French Cupboard hosts Vintage Black Friday on the first Friday of each month.  I'm excited to join up for the first time!

I got these glasses and the two bottom books at the last auction I attended.

They have been sitting around the last two weeks just waiting for their photo shoot.

This is my favorite vintage photo I own that sits on this book in my sewing room.

Honesty here:  I've never read Longfellow...but would like to. Probably never will.

This book is so fun to look through.

This is the cover of the Jane Eyre book.  It's beautiful.

Honesty here:  I've never read Jane Eyre...but would like to.  Probably never will.

A page from the World's Book of Knowledge.

Copyright 1901

I knew when I saw these at the auction, I was taking them home with me.  I have to say they are my favorite purchase in a long time.  I think they will now go to rest on Longfellow in my sewing room.  At least until they cry out to be photographed again.

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  1. what a fun party to be a part of. perhaps i shall join in at some point. love those photos! the ones with the focus through the lens are my favs.

  2. Great post for your first ~ it is great fun. Your books are fabulous. Its okay if you never read them, they make a great photo props:) Happy VBF!

  3. Oh my gosh Jill - I can't decide if I love the photos more or the photos more. LOL The books are cool too - but I love your photos! I've never read them... probably never will either...

    I can't wait to see your sewing room!!! How fun is this? Mine is getting cleaned up for the first time in....... okay, many years. HA!

    Happy Friday!!!!
    :-) robelyn

  4. Hi Jill, your photography is amazing. The books and glasses make me want to go curl up and read, Happy VBF!

  5. So glad you are at the party today...this is a wonderful post! Love your photos!! Happy VBF!

  6. who knew that some old books and a funny pair of glasses could be so beautiful~~~I loved your photos!!! Thanks for sharing and can't wait to see your "tank gardens"~We live on a farm and used to water our cows with those!! Julie

  7. Love your vignette of the book, glasses, and photo. I love all your photos. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Those old black specs sure caught my eye. Neat old books, too. Confession: I've never read Longfellow or Jane Eyre either ;) Happy VBF~

  9. Cool glasses and I'm loving that old book especially paired together. I can never get enough of these guys.

    Hope you have a nice weekend.


  10. The glasses are to die for, as are your gorgeous photos!
    Happy VBF!

  11. Love the old glasses and the books! Nice photos!

  12. what an intelligent looking post! Great character and love your blog.

  13. Gorgeous photos of your vintage black glasses together with the beautiful old books, I very much enjoyed looking at them!
    I so heart the old Charlotte Brontée book, how very precious! I just watched the BBC period drama Jane Eyre from 2006 on youtube and loved it so much, I can very much recommend it, if you did not see it yet!
    I did a Vintage black Friday post too today for the first time!
    Sending you warmest wishes from Germany

  14. Love the photo! I love using old flower frogs to display photos, too! Happy weekend!

  15. Those glasses are perfect on those old books and I love your pics... and that vintage photo is very lovely! Lezlee

  16. Amazing how cool one little pair of vintage black glasses can be! ... absolutely LOVE your photos, my favorite is the one with the girl reading in the background and the glasses resting on the book with Longfellow perfectly highlighted in the lens!

    Welcome to VBF ... hope you join us again next month!

  17. Love the glasses. And you really should read a little Longfellow sometime...and definitely Jane Eyre :) Hope today's lovely for you.


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