Up, Down, Round and Round

My dad who passed away in 1997 made this Merry-Go-Round Teeter Totter for my older kids when we first moved to our acreage.  He was an original "junker".  All six of our kids have loved this thing.

I took these pictures back in early May so that's why the long sleeves and pants. They can turn it around like a merry go round, or play on it as a teeter totter, or spin and go up and down at the same time!

This thing is so much fun!  It's not so high that they get scared and can easily get themselves on and off.  I'm not sure what the parts came off of that he used.  The board and top pipe slide off of the bottom pipe so it's portable.

After I slide the board off, the tire can be tipped on end and rolled to where you want to move it.

This piece is "so my Dad".  Pieces of iron welded together to make what he needed or wanted.  I have a welder...just haven't been able to get at it to learn to use it...someday!

This is our last week of summer break and then back to school with my little 6 year old heading into kindergarten!!  So many mixed emotions with that!

Have a great week!


  1. Seriously... I was thinking about packing my bags and coming to your house if the beautiful girls were able to wear long sleeves right now. ;-D

    THAT IS SO COOL!!! If I come visit think they will let me play on it too?

    Just remember how much she's going to miss you when she starts school....

    ;-D robelyn

  2. That looks like so much fun and then I began to think of my vertigo and thought NO way woman...it would not be pretty to watch!

    I wonder what the recipe for freezing childhood is? They just "grow and go" so fast....

    My dad made us our own skateboards- always inventive guy that he was. Problem was they did not swivel, you had to just aim downhill and pray...
    wanna see my scars?


  3. looks like so much fun...do you get on it sometimes as well?!
    I want to learn to weld too...its on my list of things to do someday!
    enjoy the week

  4. jill what a tribute to a great toy..you won't see those anywhere else I am sure..I remember the leaving for Kindergarten and will be thinking of you ..big transition!

  5. To think of the countless hours that all of your kids enjoyed on that teeter totter! What a great job your dad did.
    Hard to believe that school is almost starting again. We're taking my son back to college on Sunday....where did the summer go?

  6. Such a sweet post...I have many memories of playing myself sick on teeter totters like that! So bittersweet when a child heads off to kindergarten!


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