You Never Know What You'll Find....

This is one of the great finds on my Nebraska Junk Jaunt adventure. A small orange record player that works!! came with a box of 45s! Of course no '70s teen item is complete without the obligatory sticker right over the cool graphics of the box. I fully intended to put this in the basement until I could get them listed in my Etsy shop. When I realized that most of the records were little kid records I decided I'd play them for my little gals. They love stories and music.

Now let me back up a bit....I have a memory of my Mom singing a song to me when I was little. I only remember two lines from it and about a 6 months ago I asked her if she remembered the song. She really didn't and I've always wondered what the rest of the song was about and if I even remembered the song right at know where this is leading don't you?

In that box of records, I found the song my mom used to sing to me!!!!! "I looked back to see if you looked back to see if I looked back to see if you were looking at me." Look who the group was that sang it---Four Jacks and A JILL!! Sorry if I sound excited but I was! How fun?! In a little box in a big old building in a little town in Nebraska I found a treasure.


  1. What a wonderful treasure! That is why I love junking so much! I once bought a stack of old sheet music and found a couple songs that my Grandpa used to sing. Such wonderful memories!

  2. that is a great story. He works in great ways, He does!

    and the way you found the record is quite a great story. and i like those lyrics.

    and i think i love your goodies that you found on the jaunt.

    (still envious of the experience, but working on not being)

  3. That's so cool that you found the record with the song you wanted to remember the words to. love stories like that! Great memories, that's one of the reasons I love this business.

  4. I had that exact record box when I was a kid. If you stare at it just right, the blocks change dimension.
    At least if you are sick at home with a fever they do :)
    thanks for the memories.


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