We planted this broom corn at the suggestion of my brother and sister in law. BEAUTIFUL! If you garden--put it on your list for next year. I wish I would have planted more and wish we would have watered it more. Look at the colors--I bought the old rusty chair at a garage sale a month or so ago. It loves the broom corn too! The birds haven't started eating it yet, but I'm sure they will which is fine by me.

We have an abundance of small gourds. They are so fun to decorate with. I have bags ready to give to people and I've delivered two so far.

We planted one row of this strawberry popcorn and got enough to fill a bowl. We tried to pop one in a bag in the microwave--definitely think in oil on the stove will be better!

Isn't that pretty?! Obvious why they call it "strawberry" popcorn, huh?

Have you ever seen blue corn? This is a decorative miniature variety. Fun to see that it grew, but it didn't fill out too well for us---again, the water issue. And, although I think it's really pretty the blue just doesn't fit in the whole fall color scheme. I don't think we'll plant it again.

We have quite a few bushel, birdhouse, snake, and dipper gourds that missed the photo session. I think dried gourds are beautiful (have quite a few dried already in the barn) and am determined to do something with them~~someday!


  1. What beautiful photos of your produce!

  2. i just wandered over from daffadowndilly's...and i'm so glad i did:) beautiful photos and a lovely blog...


  3. Oh my gosh - if we lived closer I'd be your garden bandit...those are all SO gorgeous!!! And I love your photos!

    Hope you are having a wonderful week-end!!!

    :) robelyn

  4. great crop and even better photos. That strawberry popcorn is awesome!


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