Junkin' Monday

There was no official "junkin'" for me this weekend-- so from the archives (in my garage) so to speak....

This summer I collected a few pairs of skates. I would guess these are from the 1950s- maybe older. I have the song "I have a brand new pair of roller skates, you have a brand new key...." in my head now.

I think these could be from the 1960s. We used to skate in Wakefield NE, in the roller rink under the bowling alley. You could hear the balls rolling above you through the skating music. Fun memories.

I'm not sure about these--1970s maybe? So, I never intended to start a collection of skates.....I will probably list them all in my Etsy shop....good nostalgia though. Now, it's all roller blades for the kids. I think the roller rinks around here still have 4 wheel skates as an option to rent, but not many of them.

I think I need to take my kids skating!

Head on over to Clara and Marcela's blog to see what they found when they went junkin' in their garage too!


  1. Hi Cindy! You should at least keep the first pair, they are so adorable! Garage hunting...our favorite kind!!! Thank you for playing!

  2. how funny Marcella called you Cindy and trew me for a loop...thought I was on the wring blog or had been calling you by the wrong name...I bet those skates will get snapped up in your Esty shop...what a hoot a bowling alley over a skating rink....how small was your town????


  3. Hi! It's my first Junkin' Monday! Great pictures of all the skates. I was a big time skater, when I was little, going to the rink every Friday night. You brought back great memories for me!
    Happy Monday!

  4. I had those blue skates in the 70's! I thought I was just freakin' awesome. :o)
    Those first skates would look great in a vintagey little boys room.

  5. The first ones would make an excellent element in a Christmas vignette.

    Oh...that pink sewing machine is awesome!

    And the blue corn would look great in MY kitchen. lol

  6. Oh my gosh - I love all of the skates!!! I have a pair like the first ones...and I don't know why! LOL Those are great!!! You need to park 'em all under a big and bright disco ball. HA!

    Dang....now I want to skating...

    ;-) Robelyn


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