What A Tangled Web She Weaves

How's this for Halloween Decor? This isn't our house--but someone I've met on Etsy Cottage Style, Ruth Miller weaves these for others for their homes.

This one is in the ceiling of a bar.

Isn't that just amazing?! Look how tight it is and there is an opening for the doorway.

This is what Ruth had to say of how this began:

"I made the first one on a duplex I lived in , 1991, as a Halloween gift for my children. It was a lightbulb moment on how to create them. I started doing them for others in '92. People start calling last of August to get on the list ! We start spinning them last week of September and continue until Halloween."

My favorite--beautiful home and perfect color for a Halloween web!

Ruth also told me that the secret to spinning these is, well, a secret..... Drives you crazy doesn't?! People of have watched her weave them and they still don't know exactly how it's done or what the secret is!

Ruth is an artist that lives in Indiana. She has a blog, Harmony Creations that you can visit here.

Thanks Ruth for letting me share these photos on my blog! I love seeing things that are so creative and original.


  1. Oh my gosh - those are SO COOL!!! I wouldn't even mind walking into one of those! LOL Thank You for sharing them...can I have the orange house WITH the web attached?

    ;-) Robelyn

  2. Wow! Just wow, what an amazing piece of work, thaks for sharing.

  3. Those are amazing! Are you sure she isn't a giant black widow who just daylights as a woman?!

  4. too wild !! i also am more in to "fall" decor than halloween, but these really are cool !!
    what is etsy cottage style???


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