Fall Porch

I've finally figured out what to do on our porch (after 12 years). I like white and black and rusty on it. And right now, the fall harvest is the decor.

This little iron bistro set is far more ornate than anything we own but I like it so much--certainly not old but one more summer without re-painting it and it will have plenty of rust! Why is it that old acquired rust on a piece of junk I buy at an auction is awesome, but when something new rusts outside I think it needs to be painted?! I guess home grown rust isn't the same as home grown vegetables.

My sister told me yesterday that she picked me up another black screen door at a sale! Can't wait to see it!

How did those Ugly Pumpkins win that spot?! As I was tossing them out, I folded and saved a few to turn the ugliest side to the back. I saw a blog post that showed a picture of pumpkins for sale at a flea market and they pretty much looked the same. One person's ugly is another person's.....

I had that black child's chair for sale at my booth and when I was adding to the booth, I realized that it needed to come home with me.

(If you click on the pictures, they will enlarge but you'll also see how the porch needs to be swept and the cobwebs need to be cleaned off--but it is Halloween coming--right?)

Have a great day!


  1. We laugh at my mom because she spray paints everything black...that's what I though of when I saw your white bistro set!

  2. JILL! Thank you SO MUCH for having a place for me to sit on your porch! LOL If I bring the coffee wanna sit a spell? I love that bistro set!!! So cute - and your porch looks so inviting!!! If you walk out one day and my duct tape is sitting in one of the chairs, think nothing of it...

    I think the pumpkins are beautiful now - they were just waiting for their perfect spot! ;-)

  3. Very beautiful! Will you please come out to our place and work your magic? You have such a good eye.

  4. You have a lovely blog. It is so nice to meet you! Your porch is beautiful! Have a nice weekend! Twyla


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