Junkin' Monday

It's a PINK sewing machine!!! I didn't pick this up this past weekend, but got it at the same flea market that I picked up this lovely lady. I didn't have much time for junkin' this past weekend with homecoming, marching band compititions, and family get togethers.

I haven't checked to see if it works or not. But, I'm not sure I care because it's one of the neatest machines I've ever seen.

(oooo, bad photo but look at the strong guy anyway!)

It even has the "good housekeeping seal of approval".

I quickly took the pictures this morning hence the snow in the background. It's cold and wet here!

The case and the accessory pieces are awesome too! Not sure what I will end up doing with this.
Keep? Sell? It does need a good airing out before it comes in the house though. I imagine it was stored closed up for years.

Now, you can go see what Clara and Marcela and the others have found over at Cottage Charm and Family Inspiration. Thanks again to them for hosting this blog party!


  1. oooooh!!! ahhhhh!!! what an absolutely fabulous find...i do love pink...and i would have been just giddy to stumble upon this cutie...hooray for you!!!

  2. oh my gosh - if you decide to sell i've got a buyer....ME! LOLOL I've been looking for a pink one FOREVER you lucky stinker! Pink sewing machine AND snow! AUGH!

    Love it!!!!!

  3. You'll have no problems selling that cutie...it's just adorable! What a great display, conversation piece, and to top it all off: PINK!!!
    Thank you for playing today!
    M & C

  4. I vote KEEP...How often do you find a PINK sewing machine??
    I have never seen an Atlas machine before. Did you know that Vanila is great to help in removing oders?

    Keep warm!


  5. OK...you win the door prize for most coveted find! LOVE it!

  6. That is the cutest sewing machine I have ever seen! Looks like it's in good shape. It's definitely a keeper!

  7. Ok, now *that* is an awesomely cool find....I want it. Now. *snicker*
    You're a lucky dog!

  8. Pink! Pinkpinkpinkpinkpink. That is SO cool. And I love the little Atlas guy.

  9. seriously, that is sweetness. love it. not sure if you should keep or sell. hrm...i'd probably sell it because a)it would sell pretty fast and b) imagine someone elses squeals and screams and excitement when they receive it!!!

  10. LOVE that pink sewing machine. How clever was it for someone to do one in pink.

    Thanks for coming by
    and glad you liked my cage and rim.

    barbara jean

  11. I love that pink sewing machine! Great find! Personally I would sell it, since it is so coveted! (October would be great for this for Breast Cancer Awareness month!


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