Ugly Pumpkins!

Remember this post?! I do! I was going to have beautiful cinderella pumpkins adorning our porch. I was going to spray a coat of shiny finish on them and spruce them up with a little fluff. I was going to give them to family and friends. What we are doing is dumping them and hoping none of them grow next year!
I've been watching them grow all summer and thought they were doing well. I believe I was in denial that the color was more red than orange and that if you peaked under one it was yellow. I was sure the others were OK, I just wouldn't look.
I'm great at ignoring ugly parts--just turn it the other way, hide that part with something else, etc. Really, not withthese. There is no hiding the red color, the ruddy skin, the yellow skin, the green skin, the cracks. I can't even say, "It's good enough for who it's for!" Randy even agreed. Dump them.
I'm not giving up. We'll try again next year and just try a different variety of seeds and hopefully a little more care on our part. We did, however, have success with other garden fall decor and I'll post about that later this week.


  1. Were they supposed to look like that..I mean, I have seen some that intentionally look very similar. These look as if they have some sort of fungus or something. I always say 'Somebody's got to love the ugly ones, too'...but those may be too ugly even for me! Keep trying. Our pumpkins aren't gorgeous, but they are my first ever home-grown, and I am proud of them.

  2. um. well, they make a nice picture. we have exactly three (normal, orange) pumpkins...but i am a pumpkin freak...i may even be ok with red pumpkins at this point. maybe.

  3. oh Jill if I lived close by I would come get them. Have you thought of painting them BLACK then drill wholes in them so candle light can shine through!

  4. Even Cinderella wouldn't hitch a ride home in one of those! (mine didn't make it at all...)

  5. My son picked out a pumpkin like that at the pumpkin farm last weekend - he loves it! ???

    Jill - being from Nebraska are you aware of "Silver Bella"? I think it is is Omaha every November. I have been wanting to go it the last few years...took too much time off with Bonanza this year! Maybe someday after I have made soooo much money on junk and I am able to quit my day job than I can do all these fun things!!!


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