Junkin' Monday & A Blog Party

Yesterday, was a "great" day, albeit a bit "grating" at times....I spent it with my two sisters and Mom. "Great"--being with my family. "Grating" --the auction we went to....wow....slooooowwwww moving. I did end up with some things I was pretty happy with though.

But, the garage sale we went to before the auction was where these lovely finds came from. Aren't these grates----great?!

Art Deco iron...mmmm....I could look at these for a long time.

And these-----well. What can I say? I bought a BIG tub of these old iron fence finials. I haven't counted them yet but I think at least 25 with a lot of other iron fence pieces. (So far, I've only seen one green one in the bunch.) HEAVY. I am just thrilled with these. They look so matronly. Aren't they screaming to be included in an altered art or assemblage project? I know I'll set a couple on shelves to sit at attention keeping an eye on all around them.

Architectural salvage pieces are on the top of my list to hunt for.

I will be selling some so if you're interested shoot me an email to work out the details.

Now, you can pop over to Clara and Marcela's blog to see what they found this weekend for more Junkin' Monday stories! ALSO, there's a great blog party over at Flea Market Style where everyone is sharing some of their favorite finds. Go visit and have fun exploring with all the like minded junkers!


  1. ohhh la la , you got some really heavy stuff! Glad you got to be with family!!!

  2. oh, how marvelous are those grates? i just love them...and the finials:)


  3. Oh......what a GRATE find!!!! ha! I love those! See, I would set it all up on shelves and just stand and stare...make me twisted? Perhaps, but it would be GRATE fun! LOLOL

    You lucky you! I swear, I'm going auctioning and junkin' with you some time!

    :-) robelyn

  4. Love your rusty, heavy finds. The finials are fantastic...could see lots of uses for those.

  5. Love the finials and the grates are gorgeous! Yippee!

  6. I just fell in love with the second picture!!! Wonderful artifacts and you are absolutely right they have altered art written all over!!
    Thanks for playing!!

  7. Awesome grates ... you went treasure hunting with family?? Could be dangerous ; ) ... sounds like a good time, though!!

    Terrific finds, I'll be back for more!


  8. Those grates are great! ;o)

    The finials are really cool too...happy junkin'!

  9. Very nice! What do you plan to do with the grates? Will they be art displays or used as they were originally intended? BTW you do a nice job with your photography.


  10. Thanks for sharing your junk...I mean treasures. Your header picture is fantastic!

  11. They are grate. I mean GREAT!
    Love it all!

  12. What fun stuff! Great grates. I am trying to work my way through the Flea Marketeers :-)



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