I don't really have a recipe for you; just a guideline so to speak. My sister-in-law Jeannie has brought Stromboli to the family quite a few times and it's down right tasty. Her's is Italian with a couple kinds of meat, cheese, and Italian seasoning. I've made it that way and love it but since I don't usually have a variety of lunch meats on hand, I've come up with what I call Pizza Stromboli.

Let frozen bread dough thaw out according to the package directions. I'm not really organized nor a stickler to rules, so I'll tell you there is wiggle room here. Depending on when I get it out and when I get 'round to baking it; sometimes it raise A LOT and other times just big enough. By the time you punch it down and stretch it out flat, fill, and bake it--I can't tell the difference.
When it comes out brush it with butter-really makes it look better!

Fill it with what ever you want--that's the beauty of this "recipe". Common for us is hamburger and mozerella cheese because I always have that. Of course you need to season it up with whatever you like. I really like to add green peppers and onions to at least one of these because Randy and I can not possibly have enough green peppers and onions in our diet. And the kids well you guessed it--most of them won't touch a pepper.

This time I also put in pepperoni. Even if you look close you can't see the cheese--because I FORGOT IT!! I cut it up and whaaaaaatt?? There is was sitting on the counter. Maybe I should have a recipe to follow, look at, and then I would remember all the ingredients.

Then we heat this up and dip the stromboli in it. Even though we were hailed out last year the tomatoes came back some and and we did get a some canning done. No long-used secret recipe here-just Mrs. Wages pizza sauce seasoning packet with home grown tomatoes. Good stuff.


  1. Sure. You start making delicious food now that I've gone back to Lincoln. grrrrr.

  2. You do my heart good... at least I'm not the only one that has wiggle room in recipes and forgets some of the main ingredients! BJ and I also like green pepper and onion. I like to make a very simple dish with rice, sausage, and green pepper. And yes, my kids push the pepper to the side of the plate. Oh well.


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