Decorating with the Daily News and a Scissors

One of my girls is going to do a presentation for 4-H on how to make a string of paper dolls. While I was prepping her paper and figuring out how she could do this, I started messing around with hearts.   And, while the kids played the Wii (snow day from school) I kept cutting.

This was fun!  Then I thought maybe I would make a blog post about it.  So took some more pictures.

Cut a strip of a newspaper about anywhere from 2" -4" wide and use the full width of the paper.

Then accordion fold it. You really don't have to worry about this being too perfect at all. Just make the folds as close together as you can.  If the hearts vary a bit, it just makes them look better in my opinion.

Then either free hand cut (which is what I did) or draw yourself a heart, connecting the heart to both sides of the folds.  I  used a marker so you can see; I recommend using a pencil, so it won't show up later.

Holding the stack of paper tightly, cut out the heart.

Now, fold your heart in half.

Draw another, but smaller, heart inside the first one.

Cut it out.

Arg! Out of focus, but you get the idea. This is what you have now.

Open it up! 

I kind of like all the clippings too. :)

A couple of rolled up pieces of tape on the back of each end and they are hung in place.  Until the kids quit playing the Wii and admire them.  "Oops! I tore one Mom!"  More tape.

I think they look really neat at night.  

How about dolls and hearts together?  See my instagram photo.

Newspaper works so much better than copy paper because of the length you can get and it's easier to cut.  Especially if young hands will be cutting.  I think wrapping paper would work really well too!

It may be cathartic for some to cut up the daily news too!

And, do you love the irony of turning the news into the iconic symbol of love?!  

I do.

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  1. Love the hearts..ADORE the irony <3
    I may have to make some to get me out of Feb blahs

  2. Love those at night. Thanks for taking up step by step through this.

  3. Hearts of love. The irony is great, too.

  4. :)
    I remember making cutouts like this with my sister ~ fun idea!
    ~ Lin

  5. ooooh such a lovely post from beginning to end...
    your he♥rts are absolutely charming and inspiring too
    thank you for sharing your creative process dear Jill
    ♥ ♥ ♥ oxo

  6. Those are great - I love old fashioned crafts like that! You'll have to show us the dolls when they're done too :)

  7. So simple yet so effective ... I used to love making things like this, as a child and with my children when they were small.

  8. This is so cute. I love the effect in the window. Happy valentines day.

    xo Danielle


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