Basic Building Blocks for the Imagination

This bushel basket of blocks sits in my sewing room most of the time for the girls to play with while I'm down there.  The other day, it was dragged upstairs.

By far, one the best toys we have.  The pile of blocks started as a box of 2x4 blocks I bought at a garage sale to use in projects.  I've used a bunch (see here), cut a lot more blocks, bought more at sales so the basket content changes, but always just plain old blocks.

Last Christmas Santa put a little family of wood people in each of the younger girls' stockings.  Santa bought them from goosegreaseundone on Etsy.  You can see their selection of wood people here. They even have their own little bag to be carried around in. Of course the bags and the little pets that came with the families are MIA.  But, I'm cleaning this week!  Maybe they'll turn up!  I always planned to give them scraps of fabric to tie or glue on for clothes.  Maybe it will still happen, but they love them plain.  

Little wood beds are perfect for wood people.  Just peering into the little world they create gets my imagination going too!

Happy Wednesday! 


  1. Ugh. You know how your write a post from your stand-point and I'm reading it from mine?

    Can we not hold our little ones close and keep them young and happy and imaginative? Oh.. the fun of wooden blocks and little people! Then? They turn 17. Ugh.

    I wanna come play with the girls and the blocks!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  2. Wooden blocks are definitely the best toy ever. Our children played with them for years and years.

  3. Loved this post dear Jill!
    we have a box of wooden blocks that I am saving 'just because'...if we have grandchildren one day they'll surely find them very 'unique' and 'different' hah

    Toys like that spark the imagination like no plastic whirly gig toy every could


  4. I love the colors of your blocks. Read somewhere that wooden blocks are the best toy any child could ever have and that they are also a favorite toy of adults. The little people are so adorable!

  5. Oh I used to play with blocks for hours.

    I have the Make it Merry announcement up on my blog today.

    I can't wait to see your creation.

  6. Wooden blocks are popular here in my house too - our son just loves them!

  7. We have a set of blocks too, no poeple though. No longer played with, but I have had hopes to collage on them and make amazing art with them. THAT has not happened (maybe because they are put away....!)

    LOve your chalk blocks. Clever!

  8. I love toys like this, you can totally create your own story to go with them! Mx


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