Turning 54: A Film

While my son is on the job hunt, he found a video transfer device for me to buy so he could transfer all of our old VHS tapes, and 8mm tapes to a digital format.  He is done!  And I couldn't be happier to have this completed.  This is the one I bought and it seems to have worked well.
One thing I have noted as we watched bits and pieces of these tapes: I wish I would have recorded more of the places and the adults. (I mention that too in the last little film)  The adults shy away or we just put the camera on the toddler learning to walk.  And while yes, that is cute and I'm enjoying re-watching my kids learning to walk,  we all agree that we sure wish we could see more of the adults at the birthday parties and family gatherings.  I suppose it really just hits home because of losing Jim and now both of my parents.  I realize how much Jim didn't talk when the camera was on because no one likes to hear their own voices on tape. 

  Tape yourself.  Tape the other adults too.  Your kids you are taping will also love to see their aunts and uncles, grandparents, and of course parents when they were younger.

Here is a bit of an attempt.  But, I'm not talking on it yet. Ha!  Baby steps.

I didn't tape too much because the big problem with getting in front of the camera is that you aren't behind the camera, so it takes more planning and effort. 

Turning 54 from Jill Ruskamp on Vimeo.

Who doesn't love the drop and pick up game played with a one year old?!

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh my goodness! Another wonderful memory preserved for all time. May you be blessed with many more birthdays - and that's what they are - Blessings! Another great one, Jill.

  2. I will turn 55 in April and I couldn't agree more about filming ourselves. I once read that when we look at pictures of ourselves from 5 or 10 years ago we think we looked so much better than we do now...but at the time we thought we looked awful...or at least not very good.

  3. Jill! This was amazing! I love that you shot this in black and white, included so many people in it, and told your story at the same time. You are so right about including more than just children milestones in our films. I am better at putting myself in the films than including others, but I am getting there. You gave me some great ideas too, since I turn 50 in June. A film would be great way to celebrate the moment. So impressed!

  4. Great composition. I took sound video of my aunt in her eighties as I realized I had nothing in sound of my parents..

  5. I had to check out your film at Paisley Rainboots' suggestion. It was wonderful and inspired a warm feeling of home and satisfaction. Lovely work!

  6. I've come over from Paisley Rain Boots, too. I loved you film, and you're so right about including adults as well as children - and ourselves, too. But myself...I seldom photograph people at all. It's amazing how your black and white film conveys and sort of concentrates the warmth of home and family. I think color might actually have been distracting.

  7. Hi! I have come over to visit from Paisley Rain Boots, too. I love the video! What a great little slice of memory you have created for yourself, and your kids in the years to come. I haven't dove into the world of video yet, but with your video and seeing Sarah's videos, I am tempted to get my toes wet...


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