Another Film!

We were in "the city" a week or so ago for some appointments and had to drop off something to my daughter.  So.....having videos on my mind, I took along my camera.  So much I want to say about how this should be better (and it is better thanks to input from my son and daughter!) but once again,  if I aim too high at the beginning, I won't even start.  So here we go again.  :)  By the way, my daughter had tried a new TexMex crock pot dinner that her oldest two didn't like. 

I could watch that little toddler granddaughter of ours toddle all day long! ♥

The next project up is "Moving Day" from when we moved our son out of his apartment on Sunday.  I bought the app for my phone from the same company as my Desktop program, hoping to tape and edit on my phone for the times when there isn't time.  As on a moving day in January. Arg...there has been a big hiccup in the program that I'm still trying to iron out with the technical support people.


  1. I could watch this video all day long! This is such a wonderful way to preserve the moments that all too soon are gone and forgotten. Just imagine seeing this in 5 or 10 years. I love it!!!!!!!!

  2. This was great Jill! I loved all the playfulness. What a treasure to have! Your daughter's house is fabulous too.


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