A Little Known Fact

So I had another birthday....and I guess that always makes a person reminisce. And, go dig through old papers. This is kind of a fun trip down memory lane and something few would know about me.  

I played a horse in Equus in 1990!  It was in a community theater in Sioux Falls, SD, but none the less...I had a part!

Now, I announce this fact like you all know about the 1970s psychosexual play that won a Tony and had Daniel Radcliffe star in it in the 80s

And, maybe you do.  I do now, but truthfully, I had no idea what it was about when I went to audition for it.

No idea whatsoever.  

My first baby was about 6 months old and we had just moved to a new city, new state right before her birth.  I had started a new job and Jim had started his Family Practice residency all in the past 8 months.  Apparently, I thought that all wasn't enough adventure and decided to try to get a part in a play.  

I'm pretty sure it was actually just the opposite.  Life was too much and I needed an outlet.  

I came home from the auditions laughing and told my husband "Apparently there is normally a nude scene for the lead actor, but this director decided to do it clothed!"  I remember sitting there as the director announced all of this with my best poker face on.  Trying to be cool like the other kids, knowing all about famous plays and all.  When they asked me which role I'd be auditioning for, I mumbled something about being open to any of them???  Apparently you should know such a thing before going in for an audition.  Poker face again.  I believe I was good at that face.  That's called acting.  hahaha!!  When I got a call to be in the chorus which included being a horse, "a customer" with two lines!,  and a "theater goer", I was thrilled. 

My husband went to one performance and thought it was agonizing!  We had a tape of it somewhere and he joked that we would use it as a punishment for the kids to have to watch someday.
Trust me when I say he didn't insult me.  All the acting was actually quite good, that wasn't his complaint.  It was the drama of it. Not our cup of tea.

That's me!  Jill Martin then.

Page 2 of "that's me"!

From the newspaper then.  Look at the awesome horse heads that were constructed for us!  They were a great likeness of those used on Broadway.  

That's me on the left. :) 

Of course, when this has come up in conversation over the years...
Me: "I played a horse in Equus"  
Every other person: "Really, which end of it??"


  1. Oh Jill! You're not just another pretty face, not by a long shot! What courage! In my old mind, Equus is tied to Richard Burton. It must have been wildly popular for me to remember that. I never knew what the play was about other than equus=Latin=horse. Little did I ever know that you'd acted in an off-off Broadway production - Bravo Jill Ruth !!!!!

  2. I just knew we were related in some way- from one mare to another lol

  3. Gosh this is so fun, and funny. Good for you to even try out with all that going on. I remember needing an outlet when Mallory was little...I became a Mary Kay lady :)

  4. Belated Happy Birthday! Those are quite the horse hardware. Were they difficult to wear? How funny to think of you playing in that drama. Not how I envision you!

  5. What a fun thing to remember! Happy belated Birthday!

  6. When I first saw that playbill, I thought, "Holy smokes" as I do know the play. Then saw you have a role and I held my breath! So much not a Jill-type character! At least you were wearing a full mask! This just made my day - so so so funny!

    Happy, happy birthday, Jill :: xo


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