My Not So Little Dancers

Our dance recital isn't until the end of April, but they have already had "picture day". 

This year, since I have my little studio space in my basement I could take their pictures myself. Of course they still go down to the studio for the group pictures.

I really need a bigger space and back drop than I have as they are getting so tall!

They were such willing participants, it was so much fun.

I had other ideas to to try, but I didn't allot enough time on this day for experimentation.

They are in separate tap/jazz classes, but are in the same ballet class.  The costumes are soooooo pretty this year!


  1. The dresses are really pretty - but these young dancers are much, much prettier!
    God bless them. Great photos, Jill!

  2. Their smiles says it all! So cute and I love their outfits!

  3. Not so little, but beautiful and talented!!! :)

    Jane x

  4. Fabulous photos. And willing participants how fortunate.


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