So....That Month Slipped Away!

It's been a full month with family things and such.  I've still been making videos, but they are too long to share here.  I still need to explore all the options for online sharing.  I made one for my daughter's graduation party and one from clips I took back in 2012 for my husband's family.  Now that we have all our old films in a digital format, I was able to combine video with photos for Claire's graduation.  THAT was so fun to make!  The other one that I was happy, but sad to do, was my father in law's last Christmas with us in 2012.  

I've also been busy "catching up" in our basement.  Hoping to make some better semblance of what I decide to keep while also hauling a lot out of here.  I'm getting there! Spring cleaning at it's best!

I ordered a Shutterfly book for my daughter with her pictures and I have invitations ready to go too.  I asked my son to come and look at the book before I ordered it to see if he would have any suggestions to tweak it...three hours later, we ordered it.  Tweak we did!  It's so nice to have a second set of eyes look at something some days.

I posted one Senior picture back in September, and never got back to posting more so here are a few.

She loves to read.  

Actually, she lives to read.

You may have guessed we went to the farm to take pictures also.

There are quite a few more in this series too.  ♥ silhouettes!

This captures her pretty perfectly. 



These last ones were taken back at our place.

I just love a moody photo.  And she does too.

Our pond as a backdrop.

She drives our old pick up which was Jim's which we bought in 1997.  ♥ So we took a few pictures with it too.

Now, with only a little over a week until Easter I'm trying not to let the busyness take over the beautiful reflective time of Lent that we can enjoy.

~have a great week~


  1. Oh the sweetness and love in this post- a perfect ending to my cold Spring day. I'm curled up with a book myself.

  2. You took awesome pictures of your beautiful daughter, Jill. The book must have turned out fantastic.

  3. You have been so prodcutively busy, I am impressed. I need to do spring cleaning, but our storage room is so cold during the winter, hopefully soon, it becomes a dumping room over the winter. I need to get organized! Your daughter's photos are gorgeous!

  4. Love the pictures. Your daughter is beautiful.

  5. You have a beautiful daughter. This is such a special time...sort of bittersweet as they grow up and begin to grow away.

  6. I'm not sure how I landed here on your blog, but your pictures are all wonderful. And your daughter beautiful.


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