Photo Heavy Garden Post

It's so hard to take pictures of my little space of flowers and keep out the tractor, trailer, and cars in the background!  And then there is the somewhat weedy edge and vegetable/flower garden to try and crop out too!

So I'll go with some close up pictures. :)

I've thought about painting this tire to add some color, but I just can't.  For some reason, I like it as the black tire that it is/was.  I thought I shouldn't plant the German Ivy vine because it too will be void of color, but again...I really like greenery and I was pretty sure it would grow well here and it is!

I don't think my bathtub will fill in as well as it did last year, but everything is always an experiment.  Those are "sun" impatiens, but I think they would do better in more shade. 

The white rusty bucket planter, I believe, needs better drainage.  I've already pulled two plants from it and the silver falls seems to be doing fine. I didn't have anything to fill back in so it sits a bit empty.  Next year I'll fix the drainage problem in it. The red flowers are a "sun" begonia and I bought them at my son's urging as he liked the leaves.  I've never had good outcomes with begonias before.  But, wow, do I love these!  For sure they will be regular features in future gardens!

Some of the Snapdragons are still going nicely even though it's gotten quite hot here.

I had so many Black Eyed Susans reseed this year and I'm just tickled!  I love them!

These chairs are on their legs so to speak...I've wired them together and maybe I'll get another year out of them but old wood can only handle so much Nebraska weather.

I've had these two bread boxes for years and I used to use them for storage in my sewing room.  Well, when I decided to stop using them for storage, I tried selling them. I sold one, but not the other two.  

It took a couple of years for it to don on me that I could tip them, drill holes, and use them as planters!

I have four large mums that I have to just appreciate for their greenery now, until I enjoy them this fall.

Another of the wonderful red begonias! (Note the lamp shade base for the planter.)

I have never had a Verbena do as well as this one is.  I hope it continues!

This tank is now in more shade than sun so I may need to swap out some things.  The purple cone flowers seem to pretty much grow everywhere.

Hmmm..Not thrilled with the combination here, but it was basically what was left over from planting other pots.  And maybe too much shade here too?  Not sure yet as those petunias are lacking in well, petunias.

I love this vinca on the old gas heater turned plant stand.

Zinnias that are just getting going and some Snapdragons that are slowing down.

This is a Bridal Veil Vine that I hope blooms this year.  I've had it before and it was sooooo pretty, then I lost it one winter. You can see it here in this post in 2012.  I really hope it survives this winter!

Vines finding their way are intriguing to me.

I forgot a cup here....

My son is painting our barn, residing one side, and replacing three windows in it this summer.  I asked him to do this side first so I could get back to gardening.  I knew it needed to be painted, but I was surprised at how much better it looked when he finished this side.  The rest is held up waiting for siding to come (not damaged as it has been the last two deliveries) and now waiting for the new windows to come in.  We must get it all done before he goes back to college! (and by "we" I actually mean "He"...haha!)

I like white flowers. :)

This planter may be in too much shade now too.

All of the marigold I have reseed themselves so I just move them all over the place to fill in spaces and planters.

A friend sent me some garden markers so I've hung them here and there. :)

I made a small vine garland after this post about the wreaths.

I guess you know you like rust when you buy rust colored plants.

I have two more pots of rust and white combinations in our back yard too!

I had to wire this lovely rocking chair together too, but I think I'll be able to enjoy it for quite a few more years.

I just moved some mint from the tank to the ground.  I may regret that, but it's sand so I don't think it will go too crazy.  The tansy on the left there is now just starting to bloom.

 I started those zinnia from seed in the house, but I don' think it really bought me too much time.  I'm anxious for the tall one (Dames Rocket) behind the begonia to bloom too.  I started it from seed in the house too.  I had a really poor outcome from the seeds I started indoors so I'm hoping to see something for the effort!

I picked that little turtle up at a garage sale this spring and I think it's great.

 I need to find a place for that rusty crib piece in the foreground.  It's just resting there "for now".

I think that's enough photo overload for now,  time to go cut some flowers!


  1. Oh Jill - yours is the Garden of Eden, mine is the Garden of Weedin'!! You've really made yourself a lovely spot of peace and beauty. It's a never ending delight to watch things grow. It reminds me of 1 Corinthians 3:7

    "So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow."

    I love all your planters and your choice of plants.

  2. Love, love your garden! Great containers!

  3. I'm so jealous I've turned completely green

  4. I think the little parts are sometimes better than the whole...especially in you garden. I'm lingering over each pic. We have similar taste but I'm nowhere near your gorgeous garden. Oh...the inspiration!
    Thanks so much, Jill. I simply love everything! :)

    Jane x

  5. Gorgeous stuff, Jill, and a ton of inspiration! My gardens were going so well and then the grasshoppers hatched. If I could eradicate those devils, my plantings could go back to their former lush life, too.

  6. What a creative and beautiful garden you've made. The containers are all so inventive and work well together. Enjoy your flowers!

  7. Oh my gosh! what a beautiful garden. All the tubs, tires, sinks, various containers that you use in your garden add so much personality to your garden. Amazing!


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