Garden Wreaths

Yesterday I watched a live "lunch and learn" with Kim Klassen and Aileen from Prairie Girl Studios to learn how to make wreaths from vines.

I've made wreaths before, but she made them a little differently than I did, and I like her way better. :)

The first nine (sometimes I get carried away) were made with wood vine that grows rampantly around here! I love the little tendrils that are part of the wreath.

The last one I made was from small willow tree saplings.  Aileen used willow too, but a willow bush. I was pretty sure the trees wouldn't work as well, and they didn't.  But, now I know.

Another thing I took away from the Lunch and Learn was to make them in different shapes.

I really like this one.

I have had one large wreath in my tank garden for quite awhile. Here is a link to how I made it into a planter one year. It was left over from my daughter's wedding.  

I hadn't really thought to add little wreaths anywhere. As I left this lesson, I was inspired to make more and put them everywhere.  So, now my garden will be full of wreaths!

I have Wild Grape, Honeysuckle, and Bittersweet Vines to try next. 

However, first I need to get my garden in order.  

So's the plan anyway.

A big thank you to Kim and Aileen!


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