A Morning Walk

Yesterday I went on a morning walk with my camera. :)

~Come along~

I go from looking down and in to up.


My son discovered these wild flowers growing out on our place!

He identified them as Large Beard Tongue.

They are from the snapdragon family and one nick name is Wild Foxglove.

Both connections are clear.  My first thought was Foxglove?  And the little girls said they looked like Snap Dragons. 

I've seen their dried seed pods around, but didn't know what flowers they had come from.  From what we read, the flowers won't last long.  I gathered up some dried seed pods to scatter more seeds around!



The Cottonwood trees are just beginning to shed their cotton and this little piece was suspended on an almost invisible web.

A woodland floor is a magical place.



Another wild flower, a Common Mullein.

I just love the texture of the leaves.

They love the poor, sandy soil too.

There was still some dew on the soft, fuzzy leaves.

So much to do outside this time of year!  Some things are coming up in the garden. But the seeds I planted went right in before the cold spell and rainy days so I need heat for them sprout.  Sure hope they come up.


  1. Loved this photo walk. Everybody should do one of these once a week :) I think it would be amazing what we see.

  2. It's always a great walk when you can learn something new. I love the wild foxglove...I grew it for a bit and it sort of died out. I can't help but imagine little foxes with their feet in those cute little blossoms!! :)

    Love your gorgeous photos.

    Jane x


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