Cat Hurdles

It was a quick decision for which photo I would chose for Scene and Story with Sarah this month.
As I previewed the photos we took, I laughed. "Cat Hurdles!"  and the girls giggled.

Our dance recital was last weekend and as the girls are getting older, getting them ready is easier, so
we had some time to take some pictures before the first recital. (The recital has two showings on Saturday)

It went something like this:

"Hey, let's see if I can get you two while jumping in the air. Run across the cement and jump as high as you can."
"Like this?"
*shutter click* *shutter click* *shutter click*
"Yeah, but do it again.  I need to change my settings."  
"Now, again and run the other way."
*shutter click**shutter click**shutter click*
"CAT get out of there!"
"Again and try to jump right there about by the crack."
*shutter click**shutter click**shutter click*
"CAT, move!"
"Just keep going back and forth so I can get a better one."
*shutter click**shutter click**shutter click*
...and on it went...

I did finally get one with both of them mostly in the air.  Sans the cat.

Have a great week!


  1. This is such fun! Both shots are great and the cat got fed up with the incessant "shutter click" repetitions!

  2. Adore! And what a great memory you have created here. Helps to have ballerinas jumping for you.

  3. Such a fun shot of the "cat hurdles" and the girls look like they are having a lot of fun! Beautiful shot!

  4. How fun! I love how your picture turned out. I have such a hard time getting my daughter to happily pose for me...maybe I should just tell her to jump around. :)

  5. LOL!! That was fun. thanks!
    P.S. Thank the girls too. And maybe a little ear scratch for the cat.

  6. What fun! Your girls can certainly leap!

  7. Your girls are so light on their feet they look like they're about to fly! The photo-bombing cat is the perfect touch. You had me laughing out loud this morning. Thanks for joining Scene & Story this month.

  8. I love the dialogue for the photo shoot. Such fun.

  9. This is such a funny story! The cat helped you create a special memory about this special day! The girls are fantastic jumpers


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