Kim at Art in Red Wagons hosted an "Inchie Swap" in which I participated.  You can visit her post here to see all the Inchies she received to swap out. 

I'd never made Inchies before and well, it doesn't take too much to make more than you need, so I quickly had a pile of them!  Then I sorted out which I thought would be best to send to her and three other groupings came together.  The words just came from two books that I have used for projects before.  It seems best to limit yourself in choice sometimes or you could get really overwhelmed.  Then I pulled out the typewriter and typed one more.  Just because.  

So "as is" is now on a shingle that I grabbed from the refuse of an old barn being taken down.  It is indeed "as is".   So am I.

A little dangle of old buttons seemed fitting too.

Then there was this group of words that seems to describe a woman that I would like to be.

I made the background with layers of sari ribbon, threads, and book pages that I covered with some fine tulle and then used my sewing machine to free motion stitch it all down. 

And, then there was this grouping that just says it all.  No need to strive "to be" here. 

Just words to remind me who I am.  In Him.  ♥

We just picked up the mail and the package from Kim has arrived.  Now to go open it!


  1. I love these. Love the color theme!

  2. I never heard of such a thing as inchies, but from looking at your! They really show off your creativeness! Always fun to see something new, Jill!

    Jane x

  3. I love how you mounted your inches! i wanted to participate but wasn't able to, i love your inches too


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