A Little Stitching

For our last number of vacations, I took along some type of stitching project.  Never a plan, but a little bag of supplies or maybe a crochet pattern to try a bit of.  
This time I had just been to an Estate Sale and picked up some great vintage fabrics.  I posted a picture of some of the bigger pieces here. I took a tiny stash of the fabrics along.  I had flowers in mind and this is what came out.  The crocheted button flower needs a better technique, but I was winging it in a car of people so I'm fine with it. :)

I framed it in the same hoop I used to stitch it. Makes it easy.

I could do this type of "freelance" embroidery for days! 

~ have a great day ~


  1. This is so cute, Jill! You really have a creative mind and I admire how you mix things up. So fun! Are you going to display it in some way?


  2. Oh my - that's the kind of embroidery hoop I learned on as a child - so you know it's OLD!! That is the nicest kind of remembrance - and you've done an awesome job of it as always, Jill Ruth!

  3. I envy your skills. I love fabric, but that's the end of my effort with it.


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