19 Years for a Harvest

My husband Jim planted blueberry bushes about 19 years ago shortly after built our house.  He also planted raspberries and blackberries.  I think those died about two years after we lost him.

 But, the blueberries, although severely neglected,
are still alive.  Albeit a couple of them are only about 12" high.

And, this year my son discovered berries on one of the big bushes!  I've seen about ten berries for a few years but the birds or bugs get them.  This year, a bowl full!

Maybe this will be the impetus to get me to fertilize and weed around the bushes!


  1. You've created a Dutch Master! Your photos are absolutely awesomely fantastic!!!

  2. A big high five on those blueberries. And your pictures are just as Ruth commented... beautiful.

    I had no idea you had lost your husband, I am so sorry.

    Jane x

  3. Beautiful, moody photos of the blueberries. They are gorgeous fruits. Thank you for your recent comments; I appreciated each one.


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