It Was Golden

Two weeks ago, my husband showed me a picture of their first wheat field on his phone and he said, "Maybe you'd like to come up and take pictures of it."  Oh yes I would!!

You can see the steeple of the rural Catholic Church that my husband grew up going to in the distance.  They still have one Mass a weekend there and my Father in Law's funeral was there.  He is buried in the cemetery right next to it.

Corn and beans are mostly planted around here so we don't see all that many wheat fields. 

Generally they plant a field of oats, but for various reasons, decided on wheat this year.

The old "outstanding in your field" phrase came to mind.

By now, the field is gone and just the stubble will be left.  I'm grateful that it worked out for me to get there yesterday to take a few pictures.

We have a little tub of wheat here now too. I think I'll put it in a jar for fall decor.  It's funny because I did not even think much about the fact that I had never held wheat in my hand until he brought a sample home.  (He was taking it in to the coop to have the moisture tested.)  

As they say, it's the little things.

Look at that texture. :)

You know I do have more pictures of it....but, I'll stop with this one. Ha!

Okay, one more.  

I took pictures while he conducted business in chore boots from the middle of a wheat field.

But, this photo is my favorite.  
Because he knew how much I'd like to see this field. ♥


  1. Very poignant post, Jill, and your pictures are so, so beautiful! I think it's great that your guy wanted you to see his fields and you not only went, but preserved the experience on your blog.

    Here in Michigan I'm surrounded by corn and beans. The are prized and for a time, Green Giant sourced them for their canned goods. I did however, grow up in/on the prairies of Illinois and we were surrounded by wheat fields. I loved how the plants swayed in the wind and looked so feathery and blowzy. I'd pick corn in the summer as a job and how I wished I was in a wheat field than amongst those tall, hard stalks and daddy long legs!!!

    Thanks, Jill. Your pics are framable!

    Jane x

  2. Talk about sowing seed on fertile ground - the wheat, the farmer, and the amazing photographer!

  3. There is Beauty in the simplest of things...I Love the pictures!!! How sweet of your husband to think of you and encourage your photography. I am surrounded by old growth cedar, my daily view is very limited....I love when we travel through the Palouse to visit my Mother in Law.... I am always in awh of the miles of farm land :-)


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