Camping in Black and White

It seems that a 'once a year camping trip' is all we can work out these past years.  Which is better than than the 'no camping trip years' that we had. :)

We camped close to the farm so my husband could still go "git er done" as it is harvest time.  As he went out early Saturday morning, he called us out to enjoy the morning and the mist.

Thank goodness he did.  It was beautiful.

Chilly fall camping is the best.

Early misty mornings while chilly fall camping is even better.

~have a great day~

Click here to see more black and white photos

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  1. OH MY!!! These are stunning shots! I just adore the silhouettes against the fog!! We didn't make it out camping for the second year in a row - crazy. I miss it!

  2. Extraordinary photos!!! Black and white is perfect for these moments.

    We used to camp when the kids were young and it was always so fun and 'down to earth'. I miss it. It teaches us to be good enough...without a refrigerator full of food, a closet of clothes and a/c or heat. Makes us think!!!

    I hope all of you had a great time!!


  3. These are beautiful in black and white, and a nice challenge for you. We haven't camped in years, I miss it in the fall, when I smell an outside wood fire.


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