Meandering on a Sunday

We tagged along with my husband yesterday when he went to do chores.  The first stop was to look at this field of turnips, radishes, clover, and a few other plants I can't remember.  It's a cover crop that this farmer planted to help boost the soil with organic matter.  He said to harvest as many turnips and radishes as we wanted.  Do I want them?  I've never cooked with the greens of either nor have used turnips in cooking.  The greens are packed with nutrition I understand.  So, we will start with turnips.  Please share a recipe or recommendation if you have one!  They are starting to plant cover crops more on our farm too.  Good things happening.

Then there was a creek....while we looked for milkweeds.

Love these!

Pretty and graceful!

And there was the best deep ditch that the girls rolled down over and over giggling and laughing.

Oh yes, then there were the chores. :)

We only have one and half days of school here this week.
Have a great week everyone!


  1. Fun look you've given us Jill in your super photos.
    My German Mutti boiled the turnips with a bit of water and butter.
    Simple and tasty we always thought.

  2. The looks heavenly, Jill, and I agree with your husband...these plantings keep the soil loose. I should plant some radishes where I need to reseed parts of my lawn!

    Turnips are underrated. I use them in soups and stews. They are much like carrots although not as flavorful nor do they caramelize. They can be cut up to use with other veggies on a tray with a nice dip...peel them so they are smooth and then cut them in half moons or triangles. People can be hesitant but they are good. Roasted with other root veggies like potatoes, carrots and parsnips and a little olive oil...wonderful. Add a few shakes of your favorite spices!

    As you can see I'm a veggie lover. Can I come and visit and take a few bushels???!!! :)



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