Invite Bugs?!

This past summer we vacationed in Colorado and visited the Denver Botanical Gardens.  I loved every bit of it!  So much inspiration!  
I had just learned about "bug hotels" when our Extension Office offered a class for kids to make bug hotels.  My kids didn't get to go, but some of my 4h Club members did and I thought the hotels they made were great.  Of course they were smaller than the ones we saw on our trip.  

This is a "must do" project now for our garden.  A bit ridiculous as we live on an acreage with lots of trees, lots of dead trees, leaf mulch, and water: a great bug environment! 

But, these are like art!  The shape and textures....just very cool.

The micro world of the bugs in the garden is just amazing to me.  I cut flowers all summer long for the house and all summer long after I arrange them, the little "hitch hikers" need to be dealt with.  

This quick Google search will just inspire you if you want to make a bug hotel too!


  1. Those are super cool and will look great in your garden.

  2. Very cool! I don't mind a few bugs in the house when I bring in plants, its the eggs they lay under leaves that can really make an infestation. No matter, I bet the 4H members got a real kick out of the 'motels'! A fun trip for sure!


  3. We built an insect hotel last year even though the bugs have a lot of natural "hotel rooms" available here as well. It was fun to make and is an eye-catcher and conversation piece. For a while I thought no one would move in but this year two kinds of bees checked in. Have fun building your bug hotel! :)


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