Black and White Rice

With my husband being a farmer and myself a gardener, I think about where my food comes from often.  But, maybe not as often as I should.

Today, while eating lunch I was reading the rice package looking for the cooking instructions and what I was drawn to was, land of origin Thailand.

And thoughts stirred up.  How did it get here?  On a ship?  In crates?  how to the ship?  a truck?  how to the truck?  manual labor or conveyor belt? how was it harvested? (Very labor intensive I know.)  I know there are you tube videos to answer all of this and maybe someday I'll look.  But, today it was enough to just think about it, pray for those who labor so I can eat,  and to pray for the hungry.

Jasmine rice is our favorite here, but I'm trying fried rice for the first time and I'm thinking that this may not have been the best choice as it is a sticky rice.  We'll see.


  1. I think about the origins of our food, too. What a great reminder to pray for those who have laboured over feeding us.

  2. Cool how this had you thinking. I've never had jasmine rice. I have substantially lowered carb intake over the past few months. I double veggies to replace a starch. We always loved potatoes, pasta and rice done all sorts of way. I miss rice, quinoa and barley the most. Really plain and chewy. More than chocolate or bread. Weird? I may save rice for my cheat day!


  3. I like jasmine rice as well. I like basmati rice and that is what we normally eat. I find myself praying for the people along the route of the food I eat sometimes too.

  4. I think about our food, too, especially when I am cleaning up and have maybe a wayward pea or a crust of bread leftover. I wonder how much work went into harvesting that single pea or the flour for the bread and feel grateful and guilty at the same time for not eating what was so purposefully created for us to eat. It can be mind-boggling when we consider what has to happen in order for us to eat, from the farmer buying the seed, planting, harvest, moving the product to storage and sale, right through to the actual packaging and preparation and transport. Incredible and grateful.


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