I Had Salmon Bacon Chowder for Lunch!

In a restaurant in small town Dodge Nebraska!  What did you eat?!  

Chef Michael Glissman made it for me. :)

Lin Schwanebeck served it to me. :)

And, because around here, we know that the behind the scenes and support staff are what make the world go round...here's the rest of the kitchen!

Finally, here's the chowder.  De-licious!!!  

My daughter's pot roast. (a quickly shot picture while the sun shone through the window)

Roasted Amish Chicken and lemon creme pasta for my husband and mother in law.

The reason I'm blogging about our dining experience is because Dodge has a population of 608 and to have this option for a restaurant is pretty wonderful and it has beautiful old things in it!  It's called Eat Restaurant and is housed in an old bank.  Years ago there was a restaurant here called the "Bank-quit", get it?  Cute huh?! But when they closed, and these folks opened, I'm guessing calling it the "Bank-quit quit" didn't actually work.  Go ahead and groan at that one.

While you enjoy good home cooked food you get to look at some wonderful history too.  This is the vault door. 

The vault is small and hard to photograph, but the walls are painted an appropriate metallic gold 

and inside is a table for 2 to 4.  They are serving a Valentine's special I see on their Facebook page.  This would be a fun place to get to sit!

They have a wall to separate this area of a hall from the serving station made out of old doors.  Nice.

The serving station on the other side of the doors looking out into the dining room.

There are a few mirrors.

Looking in this mirror is kind of like peaking through a window isn't it? 

Much to look at.

A few more shots from around the small restaurant..










If you are local, check out and like their Facebook page to get all the information on their hours, specials, and phone number if you want to make reservations.

Our little group..as you can see, casual attire is welcomed!

And, for supper?  a minute rice casserole. so I would have time to put this blog post together: irony.

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  1. That chowder looks delicious. I love businesses in old bank buildings. There is a favorite antique store in one about an hour away. It also has an old Masonic Temple upstairs.


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