The Breath of God

After my post yesterday, a friend sent me this scripture:  Job 37:10

It was new to me and after thinking about it for awhile I could feel the power in it.  

I decided I needed to add the words to one of the pictures that I took yesterday, but didn't post.

When you go out in the cold there is such a different feel to the air.  In the snow the sounds around you are hushed and yet the sounds closest to you are sharpened.  Something big has happened after it snows or the land is left frosty and you are moved by it.  I saw frost pictures on Instagram and Facebook.  People are moved by it.  I am moved by it.  

This scripture tells us why: "With His breath God brings the frost" and it hones it in to a more intimate experience with Him. Oh my.


  1. What a lovely thought, Jill! I am daily amazed of how much of Himself God has shown us in the creation He has surrounded us with!! I delight it in as with this frost all the time!!

    Happy New Year!!
    Hope yours is full of joy!

  2. The earth is filled with the wonders of God.


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