Happy Frosty New Year!!

So it's been awhile since I've had a tank garden update! ha!  How about one on this frosty lovely morning?

As the fog lifted this morning we were left with such a pretty and serene scene.

Albeit cold.  Very cold.

But, there was no wind so I was excited to go out into the fresh air to enjoy the frost left behind from the fog.

FYI: if you decide to make aluminum can flowers, they are fun and look great, but the colors will fade in the sun in one summer's time.  This lemonade can was the exception and is still quite nicely yellow.

Over the past years I've come to enjoy January so much.  The slower pace at the beginning after the holidays is nice.  And, the anticipation of the garden is peaceful, not impatient.

Love these lines.

So cold!

No matter the season, rust is always perfect!

Garden Ruth looks like she would like to hop up and get away.

The cleome self sowed itself and is a gift still giving with the graceful seed pods full of frost and beauty.

This teacup bird feeder hasn't fared too well in the cold I see.  (I have a spare to replace it in the spring.)

Looks like this cast iron pot should be on a stove stoked full of wood and heating up water for tea!

The frozen chive blossoms hold a lot of frost.

We'll be taking down our Christmas decorations this week now that Epiphany is here.  It's always nice to get things put away, but a little sad too to lose the warmth of the lights.
(My favorite Epiphany photo is here.)

I hope you are enjoying your days of this bright new year!


  1. Oh how perfectly wintry and wonderful Jill.
    Lovely frosty photos ... I can almost see my breath as I type.
    Wishing you a Happy Healthy New Year

  2. I love frost and your photos are wonderful!

  3. these captures are breath-taking Jill! the quietness and the calm reflected - along with all that frostiness!

  4. So beautiful! I can feel the cold just looking at the pictures!

  5. I stopped by after seeing a photo of your tank garden on Facebook. What a beautiful blog!!! We have a tank garden and plan to add to it this year. The winter photos of your gardens are beautiful. I will visit you again! Best, Vicki


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