Homemade Clay: Not Just For Kids!

There is a lot of potential in homemade clay!!  I just started playing around with it and really had fun. I started off with just the plain white clay which was all I was after and was really happy with these house "hangers".
Then I added a needle felted wreath which I was really happy with too, but I don't have a good picture of it.

Then, I thought about color.  

And, hand lettering.  I still really need to work on that, but I was just playing to see how the marker would work and such.

Some of the letters were imprinted with rubber stamps (bought at the dollar spot at Target!) before the clay dried.
Of course the word "mercy" came to mind while I was trying to decide what to stamp in them.

And, I tried some doodling or zentangling you could call it. 

I experimented with different ribbons and added a key to this one.

Here are some shots of the second side. 

I used soft pastels to do the "painting" and it was just the most wonderful process. It gives such vivid color.

As I figure out what works best, I can add some more descriptions or instructions for you.   

I used a knife to free form cut the clay for the houses, some of the hearts, and for the pennants for these two little banners.  I prefer that to the use of cookie cutters I decided.  These little banners were made with a different font than the ones above but still from Target and are only about 1 1/2" long.  

I was initially inspired by this post that a friend had sent me as an idea for the kids to do.  This is the same age old recipe that's been around for years and years.  I looked to see what was in the book of science concoctions for the kitchen that I've had since my oldest girls were little and it was the same recipe.

I sure hope to keep playing and experimenting with this.  Little to no cost, no need for a kiln are big pluses!


  1. This looks like fun - your efforts are really lovely.

  2. These are precious and you are very creative. I'm looking up the recipe!

    Jane x

  3. I still have some "clay" teapot tags you made for me a few years ago :)

    These are lovely with the added color


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