A Few Christmas Pictures

We were all able to get together on Christmas Eve's Eve this year and had a lot of fun! 

But, even with our bigger group photo taken, we have to take our photo on Christmas Eve after Mass! 

And, it's always fun trying to get us lined up. "Take a picture of the flying monkey Mom!"

Then one of the kids suggested a serious pose, "old time" like.

I'll call this one, "How to stand properly for a serious pose". haha!

And, one of my favorite pictures every year...a quick one before going in to see what Santa left! 

I'm hoping to organize the Christmas "stuff" before tucking it back in the closet today, we'll see how that goes.  I'm hopeful!

Have a great weekend all! And, if you're from Nebraska...stay warm!


Thanks for taking the time to stop and visit!

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