Another Room Tour

I posted last week some pictures from my granddaughter's bedroom and my daughter's room.  Here are some from the master bedroom that my daughter and her husband have redone.  It's come a long way from here!

Their room is a mixture of the old with the new.  The bedding and curtains are from Ikea and Target.  The rest is all thrifted.

Some thrifted items needed some work, some not.  Example: the lamp we plugged in for the picture then quickly unplugged because of  the frayed cord...needs to be rewired yet!

The wall behind the bed is paneling that they painted and it turned out just great.

These magazine page wreaths you've seen on my blog before.  We all love them!

(This door leads to a large walk in closet!)

To the left of the closet: another dresser and my daughter's own art.

Inspired by some abstract art she saw online, she painted her own!  I  wish I could say something quippy like 'just like her crayon drawings on the wall when she was little', but she never would have drawn on the walls!

Aren't these neat?!

Turning around from the bed this is the other side of the room.  I wish I would have had more sun when I shot these!

The chaise lounge there was refinished by my husband, Jim, and was his first upholstery job.  Now, it's sooo dated so it's covered with a blanket for now.  I tried and tried to find a good place in our home for it and had it moved all over the place.  I was happy when my daughter was able to take it because I didn't want to get rid of it as there were so many good memories attached to him refinishing it.

And, the dresser to the right of the door where we walk in.

....another original abstract by my daughter! 

I think her abstract pieces combine so well with the traditional art that she has picked up at Estate sales for a really fresh look.

I prepared this post a number of days ago and now need to just publish it and then finish getting ready for a big weekend here: a dance recital with two performances with my two youngest participating and my 15 year old gets confirmed on Sunday.

 I hope you all have a great weekend!

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