Finally...the Planting Begins....Repurposed Planters

This is our shade garden space behind our garage; the ground cover looks great.  Around the corner of the garage...not so much.  :)

 The Lilly of the Valley and Columbine are in full swing here too.

I'm jumping on to the succulent bandwagon this year.  We'll see how it goes, I'm skeptical that I'll pull it off.  

But, for now just planted?  Love them!  This is a glass shade from a ceiling light fixture.  The hole in the bottom was rather chipped up and I knew it would never sell and I had no other use for it.  I'm wondering how the glass will fare with the water over the summer.  Will it get discolored with water deposits?  Probably so. Why do I have to be so realistic?

Now, here's another light part turned planter.  It's an old metal ceiling light fixture and I love this as a planter too.

Water deposits won't matter here!  Any advice on growing succulents is welcomed!

These are coming back in the house.  I've grown baby tears successfully as a house plant, but can I grow them without a drainage hole?  We'll see I guess!  I hope to macrame a hanger for the one on the left. The woman who I bought these from has been dividing and propagating her grandmother's baby tears plants for years.  Neat, huh? I bought one plant from her and divided into three pots.  The other is already hanging in the house.

I was able to plant quite a bit in the tank garden yesterday after it quit raining and hopefully will finish today.  We've had access this year to a few more varieties of annuals and I am excited about it!!
I don't have any of our vegetable garden in yet though. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. If I don't have holes in the bottom I treat them like cactus. When I lived in California, succulents are everywhere. They need very little water. I bought a cute little succulent in an old cocoa tin - not for its cuteness, but because it was languishing in a waterlogged situation. I brought it home and promptly put holes in the tin with my awl. I give it very little water and it is now thriving. I'll have to post a picture of it

  2. Last year I planted a succulent looked wonderful until I brought it in the house....only 1 of the plants this year I dived in again.....will see how it goes!! Can't wait to see the tank garden in bloom. I need to plant my wood cabinet outside....have been trying to find some different plants for it.


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