Sorting Buttons...Sorting Life...

I was sorting a jar of buttons for a bead project I was working on and as usual, I got far more caught up in the button sorting than the project. (See here and here for other sorting buttons posts.)

When I went back to it today, I was so drawn to what wasn't buttons in the button jar.  That which didn't belong, but did belong because this jar belonged to someone who had tossed the little pieces of this and that in there.

So much could be said about this as a metaphor of life.  

There are those who feel misplaced, not belonging, not appreciated, not noticed, cast aside for the prettier ones in the jar.....

tarnished, broken...


There is a God who does notice you, who sees your value, and wants to pick you out and admire you. 
For you.  
For who He created you to be.

And the irony?  That most of those in life that you perceive as the shiny buttons would relate themselves to the
"out of place what-not" in the button jar.

We're all in this together.


  1. True thoughts. We are all in this together. And God sees you and me. Great metaphor.

  2. What a beautiful observation. And so true.

  3. Lovely photos Jill.
    A good rummage through a button tin/jar/box is always fun.


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