There Is A Cure For Hunger

Today is the beginning of a campaign to end world hunger.  Pope Francis is asking everyone to begin at noon today to fast and pray for an end to hunger.

I just heard about this on Sunday at Mass and honestly had trouble wading through some sites looking for details, but then realized, who needs details?  My prayers, your prayers will matter even if not prayed at a certain time.

There is a cure to hunger.  Feed the hungry person.  There is enough food.  Each of our roles in this will vary and we don't want to trip up on the "how".   Pray.  Fast.  Donate. However you are led to do.

And, when you "remember that you forgot" to do something.  Don't kick yourself.  Don't think it's too late.  Try again.  Utter a little prayer.  And, then when you forget again...okay, enough, ha!

And, do you know that you can ask God to give you reminders to pray?  

I'm linking up again with Rebecca on her 10th day of Mary.

And, with Kim for Texture Tuesday.  My ebony Mary photo was textured with two layers of "Wisdom".  Seemed a fitting texture to choose today. :)  This Mary sits on a shelf in our den.  

A thought that came to mind as I was thinking about this post....  We know there is a cure to hunger.  As we administer the cure so to speak, I imagine that we will indeed be curing or feeding what we hunger for in our own lives.  Hope for despair, Peace for anxiety, Love for animosity.
A wonderful way to spend Advent and to prepare our hearts.


  1. thank you for sharing this beautiful and much needed request. prayer is indeed needed but action is also a very important step. this year, for,example, i have picked an american indian family on a reservation in south dakota to send a huge box to as a random act of kindness. with 25 degrees below zero, they, among all the other poor in the world, are who need it most. somi say......yes pray but also put on the pantalones, roll up the sleeves and do, act, show your true love of christ with your works.

  2. I had not heard of this. Thank you for sharing this request.

  3. I had just run across the mention of this on Facebook. (see social media can be good for something other than promoting oneself!). Our ladies' Bible Study is ministering to two families for Christmas, and plan to put in place of gifts to our Advent partners groceries for the local food bank after Christmas. and pray, of course.

  4. We are all bringing canned goods & food to our family Christmas party.
    We will donate much of it to a nearby shelter.

  5. Ah, a post about Mary and a call to end world hunger. Excellent.

  6. Thank you for the info, I was unaware, this is wonderful!!!

  7. Why, yes, the cure for hunger is to forget to eat! (Just kidding, of course!)


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