Repurposed Embroidery Hoop Christmas Tree

This little project took far more time in the thinking department than in the creating department!

While sorting and regrouping my stash...I discovered that I had almost 100 embroider hoops.  :)  Most wood.  Then I found my stash of metal ones..20ish...of them.  I have plans of using the hoops for framing fabric and collages.

But, I've also always thought they could be stacked into a tree.  Well, I tried a few things and none of them worked very well until I thought of a two dimensional tree.

I made jump rings out of baling wire to hold the hoops together.  Then I found a few vintage balls in my very small stash of vintage ornaments and hung them with wire ornament hangers.

A command strip hanger on the glass....and it's done!
It would hang easily from the wall with a small nail but I had no light where I had wall space...funny how decisions are made...

You could do the same with the wood ones...maybe paint them?  wrap fabric around them?  Make some more somwhat flat ornaments to hang inside?  LOTS of possibilities!  But, for now, I like the rustic and aged look of this one!

I'm linking up with Christmas Junkers Unite and Laurel at Chipping with Charm.


  1. and you didn't have to jump through hoops to make it....sorry couldn't resist :D

  2. So creative and cute. I love this idea. I have oodles of embroidery hoops too. I can't resist buying them for some reason. Maybe I'll make a tree.


  3. What a great idea! I love the little metallic balls hanging in the middle of each hoop too. It looks very modern and Scandinavian. How nice to have so many hoops to work with!

  4. Your idea is wonderful. It's so great to use stuff on hand.

    By the way, I never did get that book paper tree topper made in time for the craft fair. Perhaps next year. I've bookmarked it.

  5. absolutely perfect! I love this Jill - and its so wonderful hanging in the window - shows off the simple lines and beauty of it

  6. How cute is that?? I love it...and I just happen to have a stash of hoops...hmmm??? Thanks for the inspiration :)

  7. I have a few hoops gathering dust. Something to attract birds might be nice.


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